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Sports Injuries

Playing sport demands peak performance. If you are performing at your peak you will enjoy your sport more and will be far less likely to get injured in the course of a game or a training session.

All sports carry the risk of injury. Most athletes stop playing a particular sport because of injury.  If your body is stiff, weak or unfit it is wise to use caution in the selection of the sport you play and the intensity with which you play.  The more intentional body contact between players in a sport the higher the risk of injury.

In collision sports, as rugby, there is a 20% chance of sustaining a sports injury during each game.  If you are stiff or playing an injury when you go into a game the likeliness of aggravating an injury that has not completely healed or sustaining a new injury jumps to 80%. The moral of the story is, “get fit and get your sports injuries adequately treated before you get back into your game”.

Give your body a chance to regain flexibility, strength and endurance in a pre-season training program before the season starts. If you get injured during the season give your body a chance to heal before the next game. This may mean that you have to miss a game or a few and to get some treatment. All professional athletes get their injuries treated and have down time when needed. They also let their coach and health care providers help determine when they are ready to get back into their next competition.

So how do you choose your sports physicians? Yes, many athletes need the care of a team of practitioners to help them through a long and healthy sporting life. Do not be afraid to seek the care of more than one practitioner. No practitioner has all the truth. Everyone has their own area of expertise. Look for someone that is willing to work in conjunction with other health care practitioners. Ask other athletes and coaches where they go for care.

When looking for help with your sports injuries look for a practitioner that has played or is very familiar with your sport and one that has sports medicine training. Dr. Patrick Shwaluk became a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician in 1994. He has played and coached ice hockey, soccer, baseball and beach volley ball. He has experience with treating rugby league, touch footy, cricket, beach volleyball, soccer, tennis, softball and dance athletes. He has worked with athletes that have represented the state of Queensland and the country of Australia. He knows the pain of injury and the pain of missing games due to injury.

Currently he works out in a gym and dances Argentinean Tango to maintain strength, balance and general fitness. He can help you obtain peak performance, return you to your game and play your best.


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