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Neck pain is common and the mechanisms associated with neck pain are complicated. 35 - 40% of the population will suffer an episode of neck pain in their lifetime. Between 50% and 85% of those who experience an episode of neck pain will report recurring episodes of neck pain 1 - 5 years later with variable degrees of recovery between the episodes of pain. Brain induced inhibition of the deep muscles of the neck starts within 48 hours of the perception of pain.  Individuals with chronic neck pain or chronic whiplash associated disorders have been observed to have decreased muscle density and fatty infiltration of the muscles in the neck within 3 months of the onset of the pain. In other words the muscle gets replaced with fat and they end up with an increased fat to muscle ratio.  So, the sooner you get treatment the better the outcome.  It is important, therefore, to maintain normal activities as much as possible and begin treatment within a few days of the onset of pain.

Our two major aims of management are to alleviate the duration and intensity of pain, restore motion patterns (function) and participation in activities of daily living, and to decrease the recurrence rate of future episodes of neck pain. Stiff joints do not completely unlock themselves. They need to be manipulated / adjusted / stretched / mobilized over and over again for a period of time. Chiropractic spinal manipulation has been shown to restore neck range of motion and reduce pain. The neck muscles also show beneficial changes in the strength of contraction and the degree of relaxation after a manipulation. Massage alone will not alleviate the problem if the underlying joints are locked. Vice versa, trigger points, tender taut bands of muscle with referral pain patterns, may not clear with manipulation alone. At times trigger points will persist, even for decades, until they are deactivated. A combination of spinal manipulation and Western Acupuncture / dry needling is the quickest way to deactivate trigger points and restore joint motion. In some cases weak and uncoordinated muscles is the end result. These weak and uncoordinated muscles do not get better by themselves. You have to train them to completely restore control, strength and endurance.

Our approach is to diagnose the cause the patient’s pain and provide the right combination of chiropractic spinal manipulation and dry needling to loosen the tight joints and muscles. Depending on the outcome, specific functional and structural rehabilitation exercises are prescribed.

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